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Library Skills CC
LIBS 1 Library Skills Information Soc 1.00 Unit
Introduction to academic libraries and information resources they provide, including development of search strategies, and the retrieval, evaluation, and use of information. Effective use of print and electronic resources, including online library catalogs, reference sources, online periodicals and research databases, and the internet. Prepares students to resolve different information queries, problems or issues (both academic and non-academic) in a systematic way-locate, evaluate, synthesize and communicate information.
College: Chabot College
Division: Academic Pathways - Stud. Succ
LIBS 2 Library Skills via Pop Culture 2.00 Units
Introduction to research techniques using Chabot College library resources. Teaches the skills needed to successfully find, evaluate, and document information in print, electronic, and Internet formats. Covers plagiarism, the ethical and legal aspects of information use, and the critical thinking skills necessary for successful college research.
College: Chabot College
Division: Academic Pathways - Stud. Succ

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