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Religious Studies
RELS 1 Religions of the World 3.00 Units
Introduction to religion by examining several religions; basic principles of each shown by fundamental scriptures and works in the visual and musical arts.
College: Las Positas College
Division: A - H
RELS 3 Intro to Women's Spirituality 3.00 Units
An interdisciplinary and cross-cultural examination of women's spirituality with particular reference to women's contributions and influence in redefining feminine aspects of the divine. Examines the use of feminine experience as a primary construct for understanding the connection between women's spirituality and the sacred. This course will also explore how issues of gender, culture, and identity influence women's religious experiences. Explores religious texts, rituals, music, poetry and film.
College: Las Positas College
Division: A - H
RELS 50 Religions of the World 3.00 Units
Introduction to the study of religion by (1) surveying the world religions, stating basic principles of each as shown by fundamental scriptures, practices and works of art, highlighting underlying patterns, OR (2) exploring themes and concepts, using the world religions as examples. Themes may include: grace, sin, enlightenment, suffering, salvation.
College: Chabot College
Division: Arts, Media & Communication

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